Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Throw away the plan

Inspiration can come from the strangest places. Even from Geri Halliwell, especially mid break up when you're racking your brain trying to figure out what matters to you, what really doesn't, and what you should just chuck out of your life. For me it is the bid for perfection. I find myself increasingly  gravitating towards the idea that the beautiful things and people we think we own do not necessarily make our lives beautiful, they can intimidate us, they can put severe pressure on us to make everything in our lives align with the perfection we already think we have attained in some areas that is lacking in others. 

‘Now I’m at home so much more, there are these moments once in a while when I think, “Jesus, look at all that.” Those pictures actually intimidate a lot of people. I’m totally solid with the “truth is beauty/beauty is truth” idea. But if I’m around it too long I start to feel trapped in this material world. I think I mustn’t get owned by my possessions, I mustn’t fall prey to materialism. Sometimes I think, “Hell, I’m going to burn them all.”’ Again, the slow Joker smile.

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‘The desire for perfection is utterly miserable. I still have dreams, I still have goals, I’m still a little vain, but actually I’m just realising my humanness. Sometimes I’m a curvy, messy person who can say the wrong thing, sometimes fail.’

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