Saturday, 7 January 2012

Slavoj Žižek: Philosophical funny man

Interesting read on Marxist/Lacanian philsopher/cultural commentator Slavoj Žižek:

He's got the kind of name i can only copy and paste.
He occupies my favourite grey spot: that warm fuzzy place between high and low culture. 
But is he funny?
Probably not funny ha-ha enough to be dedicating a book of "jokes" to. However he is extremely funny when his publisher is not attempting to contort funny into joke telling. He doesn't tell jokes but he is very witty and impossibly dark. Check out this Q&A from 2008:

A series of interviews would have been more fun and poignant than a joke book. it is through exchanges like this he is forced to answer personal questions: something he is ordinarily good at avoiding, and we get to see him oscillating between Žižek the brand and Žižek the human being who admits his failings as a man, a father, a lover.
He is definitely fascinating, funny or not. Which is why I'll be watching The Pervert's Guide to Cinema this afternoon with a glass of red wine and lounging around my yard revelling in my middle class twatdom and avoiding all non fun related correspondence.
I've never seen it ok? and we're an unhealthily film obsessed little household so I'd like to be able to quote Žižek in some inevitable war on film between me and Mr Marilyn Factor (I'm always ready for battle me)

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