Friday, 6 January 2012

Literary calendar for 2012


Check out The Guardian's Literary Events in 2012:

I'll be looking forward to Edmund White's Jack Holmes and His Friend.

I'll be queuing up at 4 am outside Waterstones if need be to get my hands on Toni Morrisson's new novel Home.

I'll be ignoring Jonathan Franzen's recommendation for 2012 The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach because I founf Freedom so dry.

(so dry the book is now used in our household to hide the picture light switch that hangs down the back of the bookshelf...sad times Franzen, sad times)

I'll be reading Philip Larkin: The Complete Poems thinking rather mean thoughts about people on the tube just like he would.

I'll be reading The Origins of Sex by Faramerz Dabhiowala on the loo because in my world that is somehow appropriate.

I'll be ignoring Salman Rushdie's memoir of his fatwa experience because it sounds like he just couldn't come up with a novel this year because he was too busy getting his Twitter mack on with z list American "socialites" and I'll be doing the same in relation to Zadie Smith's NW because as anyone who knows me knows full well I have always been unhealthily jealous of her youthful success and have a severe dislike for her writing either as a result of this jealousy (don jealous me...I know...but I can't help it) or because she's not as amazing a fiction writer as the critics insisted? (probably the former innit)

What will you be looking forward to reading this year?

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