Friday, 6 January 2012

Letters by Greenberg: The Diane Abbott Brouhaha!

So here is Diane Abbott receiving a bollocking from her boss and we all know why don't we.


Oh dear Diane. OH DEAR GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Di's got that look in her eyes, we've all been there, the person you spend most of your day attempting to placate/evade is on you like a fly on shit cos they've got you sussed. You tried to cover it up but everyone knows you sent that email that was meant for your boyfriend to the MD. You're fucked. You know it, your boss knows it and Diane knows it too. And yet she won't stop talking!

Case in point from TODAY!

Diane! There were already a few taxi drivers ready to turf you out of the backseat just for the thrill of it (I met a cab driver a few weeks ago who was convinced that Diane Abbott was the most hypocritical, demonic so and so he'd ever picked up on account of her sending her son to private school...he was also at great pains to assure me that him chucking her out of his cab for this elitism had nothing to do with her being black...NOTHING! YOU HEAR ME?)

(This blogger sums up her crimes against state education)

Here are a list of her crimes against multicultural, on-its-way-to-post-racial-post-Stephen-Lawrence-murder-conviction Britain:

Oooh girl you in trouble now.

Maybe she's doing a disservice to her great nation, maybe she's doing a disservice to her political peers by breaking all the most obvious rules, maybe she's doing a disservice to herself by constantly letting her gums flap. Who knows? It is beyond shameful (but the cynic in me says it is also clearly convenient for some people) that this is overshadowing the convictions of David Norris and Gary Dobson and what could inspire Britain to be self reflexive if even for 10 seconds. Instead of playing the game of wait and see at the most crucial moment Diane seems to have had enough and simply cannot ebb the flow of bitter observations. The kind of nasty but satisfying generalisations you may share knowing you're amongst friends or whilst at home but have no place in the public arena, not when you want to represent the 'general' rather than racially specific public. Is she lazy? Is she verbally incontinent? Or is she just fed up with being PC and has no intention of turning back? All I know is that she is falling into rather cavernous traps she may not be able to get herself out of. The people who will love these moments of crazy/clarity (depending on your personal viewpoint of course) want Diane buried. For real this time.
The Guardian's Michael White shares his as ever lucid commentary on the whole brouhaha here:

I will say that in the context of the original conversation (which seems terrifyingly more distant from every Chinese whisper) that Diane's point, although wholly inappropriate and poorly expressed as per usual when it comes to her and anything to do with race, wasn't total nonsense either. SOME black leaders can be stirrers, all poltiicians are capable of being stirrers,it's polticial Darwinism no? Diane responded to a question about black politicians/leaders and well she fucked it all up.

However, Chuka Umunna is probably and rightly so on Diane's black-leaders-who-will-fuck-you-over-for-airtime-shit-list.

Check him out.

Chuka...Whatever happened to 'no comment' bitch! Since when do we endorse a media lynching? Just stay out of it because the right wingers, the racially paranoid, the politically-always-correct-but-kind of-wishing-they-could-say-things-that-were-appropriate-20-years-ago-but-know-they-cant-now brigade are all ready with their knives out! Why join in? They'll do a marvellous job of slicing her career up on their own as he well knows. Let's hope he is never in the same position. However, I think we all know he probably won't be, he may have broken street code and snitched but he's media savvy whereas Diane has the media instincts of a drunk meerkat and she just keeps on messing her own shit up doesn't she?! If it's not starting a  shit storm on a momentous day that could have had enough legs media wise to focus attention on other similiar cases to that of Stephen Lawrence's, it's airing out old sterotypes about hailing a cab when you're not white. It's not the truth Diane keeps messing with, it's the levels of truth, its the arena she keeps letting them spill into, it's the timing, it's the lack of evidence, the random outbursts that make people defensive about race relations rather than opening a dialogue. Diane talks as if it's just her and Michael Portillo having an abstract discussion on race in the kitchen over mashmellows and Earl Grey by the Aga.


Honey, Twitter is not your friend. In fact it is no one's friend. It is a tool. A marketing tool or an instrument of doom. Take your pick. I think you already have. It's like you're on a rooftop screaming
'I don't care! I'm not going to take it anymore! You can't stop me. I said it. YOU CAN'T STOP ME. Yea I said it. And WHAT?' 
But it's inappropriate Diane! for a multitude of reasons! and you should know better!: you've been in the game long enough, you've been in the corridors of power with your ear to the door, you're privy to all the horrors we only get to hear about second hand or to experience first hand when something goes terribly wrong and we are denied the justice and transparency you seem to be screaming isn't there. So you should know how to play it. Especially right now. Maybe you're the black leader who is out of touch Diane because right now you're acting a little like Crazy Aunty Diane who shouts out in the middle of every debate on taxes something about genocide in Rwanda. Get your timing right, add some neutralizing words to quench the fire generalisations inevitably spark and someone may actually agree with you. Publicly! Accusing whole types/professions of people of racism is anti-British, at least for this week! and for a person in the public eye it's an eternal no go area, so unless you can accept that perhaps it is time you and Portillo went on that road trip round the Lake District after all. Hmmm? (Diane, are you listening?...Please get down off the House of Common's satellite dish...there's no need to keep shouting we all heard you...)


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