Friday, 21 January 2011

"Can't Take it With You" new show on writing wills on BBC Two.

The last vestige of reality viewing? (in case such intimidatingly complex quandries are haunting you) well it's got to be death, no? and I can't imagine anybody handling death and sociopathic family members trying to swindle their so called loved ones as well as Sir Gerry Robinson. Can't Take It with You has got everything great drama demands; family, romantic love, death, extortion and a whiff of impending betrayal beyond one's worldly control. Seeing what life may look like from the grave ain't so pretty when your wife has already let you know quite plainly that when you die she expects to receive all your money and for your daughters to receive nada. Great lessons are doled out by an incredulous and subtle sir Gerry on the ways you can count on your partner/family and the ways you should not and how to live with that contradiction. Watch every week, it makes Come Dine with Me look like watching paint dry...and you know how much I love CDWM?!

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