Thursday, 20 January 2011

Jessica Jackley: Poverty, money -- and love | Video on

Jessica Jackley: Poverty, money and love

Facilitating someone else's growth feels like the best thing to do when you're not sure how to facilitate your own. WOW! That was a massive BTM (Back to Me!) which is the term I created for a beloved friend who used to charmingly manage to relate everything back to herself. So now you know one of the underlying reasons for my attraction to but I'm assuming we all find our way to good, selfless deeds for reasons that could be called selfish, for greater clarity in our own lives, for a sense of greater worth, for a feeling of having expanded our own worlds as well as someone else's. Whilst I can't be entirely sure of the reasons why you would find yourself giving to I do know that  a lot of people couldnt get where they need to without friends and family to lend them money, experience and attention. Without these gifts how is anyone supposed to create their own revenues and stop relying upon charity. People who are building their own opportunities are so deserving of something as simple and fair as a loan without interest, no matter where you're from starting a business venture is a brave thing to do, creation is always brave. So if you ever have enough money to loan a friend think of loaning it to someone outside of your immediate circle  and pay as little as $25 forward a little further afield through because if anything it gives you a beautiful feeling of having done a small thing right in a world constructed around wrongs that feel too huge to usually make a big enough dent in.

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