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Tales of Lagos

The Pop Africana blog is moving at the mo, so have been trawling through the archives finding myself home sick for a place that was never really home. I'm pretty multi-world (I'm an English lit grad sometimes I feel the urge to make up a term and I go with it...erm sometimes I should resist that urge...multi-world? really Charlotte?) so it could be and I'd like it to feel like one of my homes I just need to take a deep breath and work out the best way to do Nigeria with my own sanity in mind. My relationships with family members from Nigeria echo my sentiments or perhaps feed into my perceptions of this complex place: I've often felt connected, inspired, drawn to them and it and then rudely awakened by things I cannot or do not want to abide, things that make my blood boil over with frustration. And so I live with the dual reality of having Nigerian blood, loving and hating all at once, not knowing when I'll be ready to face the most confusing part of myself but wanting to nonetheless.

This article @ Pop Africana Blog penned by the erudite and fabulous Oroma Elewa best expresses how I feel about the place I want to call home.  You can feel how it is written in the moment of realising just how contradictory being Nigerian can be, it's full of love and rage and I should have written it myself the last time I was there. I nearly did, I wrote a lot of things I have now misplaced whilst hiding in the guest room mostly trying not to be seen! or accused of being too Oigbo)
(Meanwhile I want this dress!)

Lost in the Stacks: Zora Neale Hurston, Toni Morrison and Zadie Smith | Clutch Magazine: The Digital Magazine for the Young, Contemporary Woman of Color

Lovely article. Clutch Magazine has an unprecedented quick turn around of great, left of centre articles every day, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to see that there are so many witty and sharp black female writers flexing their cerebral muscles with funny and inquisitive commentary about everyday things. Women's magazines in general can be a bit of an insult to the intelligence with page upon page on the new skirt shape and a little book review thrown in the back pages or an amateurish global report a la Marie Claire to pull at the heart strings before they give you a diet tip. Sometimes it's about Teddy Ruxpin and Christina Milian, sometimes it's about Zora Neale Hurston, but it's always expanded into a wider debate that is intelligent and doesn't make me feel fat. Clutch Magazine, I salute you.

Philip Gatward: Ethnograph

Philip Gatward
I got out of my writing pyjamas and left my house to go take a look at these at Art Work Space gallery. These intimate portraits were taken in South Omo, Ethiopia. I think this change in direction from flowers and animals onto people is the best work he's done to date. The delicious use of colour still recalls his fascination with nature, making the subjects looks somehow at one with every decorative piece and yet no one is overwhelmed by what they are wearing: they are still the most striking aspect of the photographs.

Coco et Igor

Check out this interview @ Dazed Digital Wonder how this will compare to Coco Before Chanel, which I still haven't seen. Tried to watch it online and be cheap but ended up watching the wrong version, (I think it was made for tv!) same story no Audrey Tatou. This version of events looks more up my alley anyway and from what I saw of the Audrey version am thinking the version I stumbled upon could be better (and had a hotter male lead...yes. These things do matter on a rainy sunday afternoon, in fact they become vital)
film is out August 6th

NewBlackMan: Video of Zora Neale Hurston's Fieldwork in Florida (1928

anyone who has love for Zora needs to take a look at this little slice of her writing history, thanks to the new black man for bringing this to light.

New Andre 3000: I do

This song is (as always with Andre) top class as my gran from Leeds likes to say....(deep chasm pause)

I try not to talk too much about Andre 3000 much nowadays. Why? you might ask. Well, now I'm in a relationship and all I just want a quiet life ya know...cuddles and laughs and some Law and Order, I don't want to rock the boat. Some people are just better left out of a relationship. Andre is definitely one of them. See, I just talked about him but absolved myself of all responsibility so my boyfriend doesn't think I harbour a long held flame burning for Andre 3000. If that's not love I don't know what is.

Snipe, Bitch, Moan: Why Martin Amis Will Never be as good as Don Delillo.

'I'm not trying to manipulate reality – this is what I see and hear'

from The Guardian interviews Don Delillo

A rare and wonderful interview with Don Delillo, author of White Noise, who aged 73 found inspiration for his new novel Point Omega from an art installation and still lives in the Bronx. Post-modern hero or not Delillo is still cooler than a lot of writers half his age. Martin Amis please stop trying so hard to be interesting however old you are.The NY Mag (see: NY Magazine reviews Amis' new novel) will not convince me that you can do sexy. Awful middle class men and awful middle class women supposedly overcome by the beauty of their own backsides, permanent PMS and the apparently dehabiliating effect on the brain of having a vagina, maybe. Sexy, never.  Whilst Delillo looks to the future for inspiration you arch your weary back into the past using the sexual revolution as the backdrop to the same old same old.  If Martin Amis had been alive during the 18th century he would have written Samuel Richardson's Pamela or Clarissa bloated it up with a global catastrophe, a few failed marriages and  too many words. Don, I salute you. Mostly because you have as much energy and political fire as Amis but you use it like a man who's never had to try too hard to impress. 

What If Kanye West’s Tweets Were New Yorker Cartoons?

What If Kanye West’s Tweets Were New Yorker Cartoons?

The Big C

Laura Linney to Gabourey Sidibe 'You can't be fat and mean Andrea'
Gabourey: 'What?'
Laura: 'You can either be fat and jolly or a skinny's up to you'

ask a thug and you might just get the truth (or something so funny/borderline offensive that it should be)

'no need to be teaching grown men no lessons. Just cut him off and get a regular n!gg@. You know, one that’s just trying to use you for your pussy.'
Courtesy of Ask a Thug: the roughhouse sharer and carer.

         when a dime is really a nickle

Ask a Thug is the truth. He's like that dash of ice cold water in your eye that should be waking up a lot of women in particular on a daily basis.  Ladies: next time you feel the urge to reach for that phone and call that someone you know you shouldn't just ask yourself 'what would ask a thug do?' and do it...just not with him. Or anyone he knows. And remember, hysteria is the enemy and a change of phone number can do a girl the world of good.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Tony Judt

“A historian also has to be an anthropologist, also has to be a philosopher, also has to be a moralist, also has to understand the economics of the period he is writing about,” he told the online magazine Historically Speaking in 2006. “Though they are often arbitrary, disciplinary boundaries certainly exist. Nevertheless, the historian has to learn to transcend them in order to write intelligently.”

Tony Judt

Jan. 2, 1948 - Aug. 8. 2010

What do the suburbs sound like?...

MP3: Arcade Fire – “The Suburbs”/”Month of May” [Studio Quality]

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Earlier today it was reported that a few of Arcade Fire’s new double a-side 12″ singles had found their way into the world. It turns out that one of them ended up with Zane Lowe in the Radio 1 studio. He proceeded to play both of the songs “The Suburbs” and “Month of May” twice each and now we can present them to you here for as many more listens as you desire.

UPDATE: Studio quality versions are now up.

MP3: Arcade Fire – “The Suburbs”

MP3: Arcade Fire – “Month Of May”

- Rob Hakimian

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'I want a daughter while I'm still young
I want to hold her hand and show her some beauty before this damage is done
and if its too much to ask, it's too much to ask, send me a son'

Is it wrong to fall in love with someone who reminds you a little of erm...yourself (but better)

When/If I ever grow up I want to be like Jardine Libaire.
A brilliant article I stumbled upon in the New York Magazine archives, see: NY Mag
Am packing for the South of France, off for 3 days of gluttonous bliss with one of my greatest and oldest friends. Cannot afford fabulous antique linens but am going to write profuse thank yous to her hosting parentals on jazz age-esque huge postcards
If you like Jardine please buy her book @ Amazon
and keep her in the business of writing and saying everything I want to write in the way I would ideally write it:

'When I say I have a call girl fixation, I'm using call girl — inaccurately, creatively — as an umbrella for variations on a theme: golddigger, groupie, the chorus girl of yesteryear, barmaid, barfly, B-movie actress, hip-hop video dancer, lush, good-time girl, the stewardess and secretary and nurse of yore, flapper, floozy, party girl, trophy wife. Any woman between a societal rock and a hard place. Any figure who symbolizes that tantalizing dichotomy of public propriety and private sin.
     My call girl is a construction.
     My call girl is not walking the streets. She exists only in books and films, and the fantasies those breed. She's Henry Miller's dancehall slave and the YSL-dressed housewife in Belle du Jour. She's Holly accepting a fifty for the powder room in Breakfast at Tiffany's; Gloria stealing the wife's mink in Butterfield 8. It's the same character inPretty Baby and Pretty Woman, in Sweet Charity and Taxi Driver: she's the most jaded and most innocent woman in the room. We don't know if we can trust her in Risky Business, because she won't look him in the eye, and she paces, smoking, and tells stories that don't match — until the scene on the train. Sex like that never lies.'
from Embracing the Inner Call Girl

Mixed Race = Super Race of Super Dressers?

Mixed Up from cassie clarke on Vimeo.

Mixed Up is a mini doc made by Cassie Clark for her final BA project. So first Channel 4 and Slim Thug try and convince us mixed race women look better, live longer, cook better rice and peas, are nicer human beings and don't have ratchedy toe nails and now mixed race people just might dress more interestingly than the rest of the population too.

Personally I'm not buying it (shame) but I like the thesis feel of the video, the people she featured and the narration aspect...not sure if the actual argument is reaching too far beyond reality but I found myself helplessly absorbed by the interviewees stories and their origins and found myself determined to find out where this argument could possibly end up. I think it's nicely put together, personal and engaging even if it's not necessarily accurate and it broadens the myopic perception of what being mixed can be/include, which is always a good thing in my eyes.


Sally Mann exhibition @ The Photographers Gallery

                                      Virginia #42, 2004, from the series Faces © Sally Mann. Courtesy Gagosian Gallery
Download now or listen on posterous
Hell's Bells.mp3 (0 KB)

The Sally Mann Family and Man exhibition at  The Photographers Gallery is so beautiful it made me want to go and procreate just so I could pretend I'd take lots of pictures (I wouldn't...Let's face it I'd probably just take a lot of valium)  of my imagined self assured and quixotic children. Or maybe I just want to procreate. Who knows?! I can't promise you'll have the same reaction and I wouldn't really want to because my reaction is becoming increasingly confused but I can promise you images  full of joy and ecstasy: not the kind of ecstasy that bored adults take part in that comes with consequences and a rash, the pure kind that only children really know that stems from freedom, curiosity and more self belief than we remember having. The Deep South series taken of landscapes near her home are also v. interesting and evoke all the gothic charm  associated with the region.  The exhibition ends on 19th September, explore here for more details:
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