Friday, 22 October 2010

MOBOs 2010: The Sofa Transcripts

Transcript of MOBOs viewing 2010

Read from the bottom upwards

Charlotte Nwokenna my version of why alexandra got dissed involves a declined invitation to the mobos and a broken promise from JLS to go to Mahiki's and tear up the dancefloor, instead the JLS communal payphone went straight to voicemail and it turns out that they are in fact at the ceremony, hence JLS getting love and Alexandra getting disgraced on national tv, if she'd just turned up it all could have been so different.

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Charlotte Nwokenna michelle williams is so thin her weave is too big for her.

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Charlotte Nwokenna Alesha i hope youre using this inbetween song time know what i'm saying...silver..lame...

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Charlotte Nwokenna that jacket needs to be returned to 'Fly Garms' on new cross road that's been closing down for 4 years.

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Charlotte Nwokenna why does katy perry get a christian joke and mica paris and spicy creole beyonce get weave ridicule. Mica is your elder so that was just fucking rude reggie should know better big TUT TUT..also for his own personal safety he should probably leave Mica out of his weave nonsense

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Charlotte Nwokenna flatmate: keri hilson's there
me; noooo...she's not gona sing is she?!
flatmate: of course she's gona sing! they dont just get an american there to sit at the table?!!

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Charlotte Nwokenna turn it up...mash it up...jay's words not mine...

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Charlotte Nwokenna jay sean in the house....his words...not mine....

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Charlotte Nwokenna why does the backstage area look like a cross between a winter wonderland and a factory?!

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Charlotte Nwokenna I dont mean to be rude alesha but my flat mate thinks your ensemble looks like a craft experiment...

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Charlotte Nwokenna am screaming in shock at reggie's alexandra burke betrayal what did alexandra burke do to deserve such a public weave attack?!

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Charlotte Nwokenna questions my flat mate has succinctly put to me whilst watching the mobos: if they released all that confetti now what will happend at the end...goodnight...go home?! also how are they expecting all those trussed up hollyoaks ladies to sit there with paper crap all in their bouffants...not the business MOBOs

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Charlotte Nwokenna Reggie's elephant/monkey/call of wild impression pre introduction to the best african act would get a white presenter blacklisted for life, am cringing! ps: kelly rowland needs to stop wearing leopard print every time someone mentions africa...leopard print polo necks are universally unacceptable.

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Charlotte Nwokenna why are the awards being handed out in a football, is 'urban' culture all football, coming to america and erm non music of black origin music? thankfully after today's political smorgasboard of bad news we all have better things to worry about!

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Charlotte Nwokenna oooooooooh chile, jermaine jackson just turned up on my tv in a technicolor dream coat without the color?! confusing...

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