Friday, 22 October 2010

Kitchen Sink Drama

I've spent the last month post NY attempting to learn how to juggle freelance writing and being a Masters student, this has all been rather confusing especially now I am moving house. This further complication provides me with the perfect opportunity to become derailed/obsessed/racked with buyers remorse before I've even bought anything. Am worryingly consumed by the thought of kitchens and marble...yes marble...I'm craving touches of that slightly dodgy word that conjures up memories of summers in the late 80s-mid 90s spent with visiting Nigerian family friends and their love of all things neo classical + leather in their holiday rental homes in North London. In those days a holiday for them meant a holiday for me, a holiday from food my mother would approve of and tasteful muted decor it was all spoilt Nigerian kids shouting over each other and gorging on McDonalds on a marble work top whilst gerkin slices escaped surreptitiously onto matching marble floors...'Greed is good' and all that, ahem. So here is a selection of the kitchens I would like to mish mash into one glorious kitchen medley...with my £5 budget does not reflect my new NW upgrade in lifestyle, guess I'll just have the most rubbish/unfinished house on a very pretty road, not the most aspirational blog-esque of statements I know but I try to keep it real with you people i really do. Goodbye handbags, hello marble.

see! marble doesn't have to be grotesque after all!

Gorgeous, simple shelving a la marble! Not obscene in the least! right? right?!

luxe but not gaudy

beautiful floor, am going to have to rely on my design student flat mate/interior designer/co-ordinator of everything in my life I can't do to help me distress and paint my floors because he's got it like that...and I don't.

sigh...the cabinet /armoire for french linens and such

an Ikea creation that will form the basis of my kitchen am going for grey floors (of lighter more distressed hue than pictured) and lit up glass cabinets to open up the space and give a little wow to the room

love miscellenous chairs all gathered round a wooden table, am going for a reclaimed wood long table and 4 chairs in different styles (ebay was made for dreams like this to be made a reality...and deptford market) might paint them all white

love the floor and the chandelier, am also a big fan of islands in kitchens but will not have the space in mine

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