Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Tales from NY

Hell's Kitchen Flea Market makes Portobello Market look...well irrelevant, cos Hell's Kitchen's got it cheaper and better. Also fell a little in love with the stall selling old letters and photographs for all you literary voyeurs out there. Envision Patricia Field picking up furs for the SATC girls here at non choke hold prices.

Ladies that brunch...a lot. NY and I had a foodie love affair that I'll still be paying for for weeks to come. This was brunch at Vendt on 5th Ave, I ate everything I could lay my grubby chubby hands on: pancakes, syrup, eggs, bacon, fried potatoes, the lot. Made a felicitous change from the recent spartan misery of a boiled egg and tomato pre NY.


Dinner @ Buddakan in Chelsea (ie: gay heaven...oh jesus thank you...I have found my spiritual home). Fabulous decor, huge vaulted ceilings, gargantuan gothic chandeliers, divine food and LOBSTER RICE. Lobster is not a priviledge in NY it's a right, meaning you don't have to pay crippling prices for it and you get plenty for your dollar. Supposedly difficult to get into but thanks to my new Rachel Roy plummage shoulder sweater and english accent we were accommodated and I began my love affair with NY and its food.


Shoes hanging from a power line in Brooklyn

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