Monday, 9 August 2010

Tales of Lagos

The Pop Africana blog is moving at the mo, so have been trawling through the archives finding myself home sick for a place that was never really home. I'm pretty multi-world (I'm an English lit grad sometimes I feel the urge to make up a term and I go with it...erm sometimes I should resist that urge...multi-world? really Charlotte?) so it could be and I'd like it to feel like one of my homes I just need to take a deep breath and work out the best way to do Nigeria with my own sanity in mind. My relationships with family members from Nigeria echo my sentiments or perhaps feed into my perceptions of this complex place: I've often felt connected, inspired, drawn to them and it and then rudely awakened by things I cannot or do not want to abide, things that make my blood boil over with frustration. And so I live with the dual reality of having Nigerian blood, loving and hating all at once, not knowing when I'll be ready to face the most confusing part of myself but wanting to nonetheless.

This article @ Pop Africana Blog penned by the erudite and fabulous Oroma Elewa best expresses how I feel about the place I want to call home.  You can feel how it is written in the moment of realising just how contradictory being Nigerian can be, it's full of love and rage and I should have written it myself the last time I was there. I nearly did, I wrote a lot of things I have now misplaced whilst hiding in the guest room mostly trying not to be seen! or accused of being too Oigbo)
(Meanwhile I want this dress!)

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