Monday, 9 August 2010

Snipe, Bitch, Moan: Why Martin Amis Will Never be as good as Don Delillo.

'I'm not trying to manipulate reality – this is what I see and hear'

from The Guardian interviews Don Delillo

A rare and wonderful interview with Don Delillo, author of White Noise, who aged 73 found inspiration for his new novel Point Omega from an art installation and still lives in the Bronx. Post-modern hero or not Delillo is still cooler than a lot of writers half his age. Martin Amis please stop trying so hard to be interesting however old you are.The NY Mag (see: NY Magazine reviews Amis' new novel) will not convince me that you can do sexy. Awful middle class men and awful middle class women supposedly overcome by the beauty of their own backsides, permanent PMS and the apparently dehabiliating effect on the brain of having a vagina, maybe. Sexy, never.  Whilst Delillo looks to the future for inspiration you arch your weary back into the past using the sexual revolution as the backdrop to the same old same old.  If Martin Amis had been alive during the 18th century he would have written Samuel Richardson's Pamela or Clarissa bloated it up with a global catastrophe, a few failed marriages and  too many words. Don, I salute you. Mostly because you have as much energy and political fire as Amis but you use it like a man who's never had to try too hard to impress. 

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