Sunday, 8 August 2010

Mixed Race = Super Race of Super Dressers?

Mixed Up from cassie clarke on Vimeo.

Mixed Up is a mini doc made by Cassie Clark for her final BA project. So first Channel 4 and Slim Thug try and convince us mixed race women look better, live longer, cook better rice and peas, are nicer human beings and don't have ratchedy toe nails and now mixed race people just might dress more interestingly than the rest of the population too.

Personally I'm not buying it (shame) but I like the thesis feel of the video, the people she featured and the narration aspect...not sure if the actual argument is reaching too far beyond reality but I found myself helplessly absorbed by the interviewees stories and their origins and found myself determined to find out where this argument could possibly end up. I think it's nicely put together, personal and engaging even if it's not necessarily accurate and it broadens the myopic perception of what being mixed can be/include, which is always a good thing in my eyes.


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