Monday, 16 August 2010

I'm Still Here: Joaquin Phoenix and Casey-like-to-molest-his-staff-on-the-couch Affleck rap documentary out soon

Not sure I'm ready to watch Joaquin fat and hairy and outta control. Still can't work out if this is satirical and clever or clever and an actual documentation of Joaquin's Brando-esque descent into fame apathy, a career prolapse of sorts where the wilderness is sought as salvation. For Joaquin perhaps that wilderness is Harlem, for Brando it was Tahiti. Am a little surprised by how professional this is all looking now it's been picked up by Magnolia Pictures my interest has been suitably piqued by a sage sounding narrator that promises a colossal fall from the so called mountain of success where one man discovers he doesn't belong and decides to go on a Brooklyn?! Who knows, maybe Joaquin's life experiment/big rouse will prove to be enlightening. I sure hope so...cos that's a lot of beard and a lot of lawsuits and a lot of possible ridicule to come and I think he is one of the best of his generation.

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