Sunday, 8 August 2010

Sally Mann exhibition @ The Photographers Gallery

                                      Virginia #42, 2004, from the series Faces © Sally Mann. Courtesy Gagosian Gallery
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The Sally Mann Family and Man exhibition at  The Photographers Gallery is so beautiful it made me want to go and procreate just so I could pretend I'd take lots of pictures (I wouldn't...Let's face it I'd probably just take a lot of valium)  of my imagined self assured and quixotic children. Or maybe I just want to procreate. Who knows?! I can't promise you'll have the same reaction and I wouldn't really want to because my reaction is becoming increasingly confused but I can promise you images  full of joy and ecstasy: not the kind of ecstasy that bored adults take part in that comes with consequences and a rash, the pure kind that only children really know that stems from freedom, curiosity and more self belief than we remember having. The Deep South series taken of landscapes near her home are also v. interesting and evoke all the gothic charm  associated with the region.  The exhibition ends on 19th September, explore here for more details:

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