Monday, 9 August 2010

ask a thug and you might just get the truth (or something so funny/borderline offensive that it should be)

'no need to be teaching grown men no lessons. Just cut him off and get a regular n!gg@. You know, one that’s just trying to use you for your pussy.'
Courtesy of Ask a Thug: the roughhouse sharer and carer.

         when a dime is really a nickle

Ask a Thug is the truth. He's like that dash of ice cold water in your eye that should be waking up a lot of women in particular on a daily basis.  Ladies: next time you feel the urge to reach for that phone and call that someone you know you shouldn't just ask yourself 'what would ask a thug do?' and do it...just not with him. Or anyone he knows. And remember, hysteria is the enemy and a change of phone number can do a girl the world of good.

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